Seminar by Peter Mojzeš, 16th November 2023, 2pm30, Salle des Thèses 3rd Floor.

Topic: « Raman Bioimaging of Photosynthetic Microorganisms: New Opportunities and Challenges for Raman Spectroscopists« 

Confocal Raman microscopy, a method combining molecular specificity inherent to vibrational spectroscopy with the spatial resolution of confocal optical microscopy, will be presented as a method of choice for identifying the chemical nature of intracellular inclusions and for the chemical mapping of various microorganisms including photosynthetic microalgae. Recent progress in the application of confocal Raman microscopy in phycological and protistological research will be presented and illustrated by using selected case studies from our recent investigation. Advantages and perspectives, opportunities and challenges, but also limitations and pitfalls of the method will be pointed out and thoroughly discussed.